More On Getting Started in Internet Marketing, Part 2

Part 1 explained how Online Achievers came into being. This part will attempt to clear away some of the fog concerning the basics of Internet Marketing.
So you have a website! Just finished? Good. Now take a blank piece of paper and with a sharp pencil put a small dot somewhere near the center of the page. This dot represents your website while all the surrounding page represents the Internet. In this illustration the size of your website is greatly exaggerated.
Does your dot feel lonely and neglected? It should. Only you know that it is exists and so far you haven’t told anyone about it. As a remedy, you tell Google and the other search engines that you are open for business. Then you wait and wait and wait some more for even one visitor. You are still just a teeny dot in the middle of an unmarked page.
Sure, the search engines will eventually come. But they don’t announce their visit or even ring a door bell. They will come, take pictures of your site, then leave. Then they will, like you, begin to wait and wait and wait some more for you to make your next move.
Not a very productive scenario is it? So let’s suppose you get some advice on writing and publishing an article or two. These are very positive steps. Each time you create an addition or alteration to your website, the search engines will return to record the changes, then leave again. And so the cycle repeats and repeats with more waiting. And you?
You are still waiting for some or a visitor or two. You are wondering why none come. Each time the search engine crawler visits your site any changes are recorded and sent back to its home computer. There the information is compiled and rated. The rating is very competitive in nature. Let’s suppose your website is rated 20124. This means that there are that many websites on the Internet which out rank yours, that many who come closer to meeting Google’s criteria for the best website.
To get in on the generic or free traffic given out by a search engine in answer to a searcher’s query, your website may have to have a rating of 10 or less. Wow! Lots more work! There will be more information coming in Part 3.

A Personal Primer on Getting Started in Internet Marketing

Why me? Because after several years of carefully sticking my toe in then backing away from Internet Marketing waters, I have decided to take the plunge and get all wet. Previously there was always something wrong in my appraisal of the situation. My in box was always filled with e-mails extolling the latest and greatest snake oil which if rubbed on or even ingested would make me rich overnight on autopilot. They promised untold riches coming in with such unstoppable frequency that I might have to consider outsourcing the daily bank deposit run. My biggest future problem would be planning my unending vacations, huge house and exotic car purchases.
I even purchased some of their offerings. I applied their instructions. Then I waited and waited some more. The nuisance e-mails kept coming and some phone calls were added too. More promises of more snake oil, only newer and better. For me personally only more and more waiting for the orders which were supposed to be flowing in but never came.
I didn’t really want to become a snake oil salesman. I wanted to help, to become a part of the solution, not be a major part, or maybe the whole problem. One of life’s lessons which I have learned is that when resolving a problem, deal with the problem not a symptom. Treating a symptom always manifests itself by a repeated reoccurrence of the symptom whereas treating the problem makes for a more permanent satisfactory solution.
I have equated the never ending supply of nuisance e-mails to them being a symptom. My desire for being a part of the solution wasn’t to be found in the majority of e-mails received. I needed to start a regular business in order to fulfill my desire. I could still use my knowledge of the Internet. The light bulb which has suddenly glittered over my head lit the way for me to become a consultant and helper to certain businesses. These businesses are steeped in knowledge about their particular niches but might well be lacking in awareness about the fundamentals and benefits of the Internet. After discussing the potential and reaching an amicable agreement on our individual roles, we would apply the many benefits of Internet Marketing to their everyday endeavors for our mutual benefit! On that basis was formed.

Internet Marketing Here We Come!

Not that Internet Marketing should run and hide.  We really are friends and like the thought of finally being able to post some blogs and pages to further flush out our site.  After over 30 years in the sales and marketing of solid goods, we now look forward to helping others understand and beneficially use the Internet to build and grow their businesses.

The world of commerce has changed and is rapidly changing in its migration away from the “old” ways of newspaper and telephone book ads playing a major part in attracting new customers .  The “new” shoppers are quick to turn to their computers to find solutions to their needs.  They are “cool” with Internet Marketing

They do this because they have grown up in a computer conscious world.  Their computer is their source of entertainment as well as information.  It has partially replaced their libraries. So the business world is learning that the “old” ways are not as cost efficient as they once were. The  Internet  is now were customers, new or old, can be found.  Internet Marketing is now the most cost efficient way of locating and attracting them.

Many businesses have grown up because of the dedication and persistence of their owners.  So it is not uncommon for those owners to be somewhat lacking in the ways and language needed to carry out efficient Internet Marketing. 

If our assessment is correct, a void exists between what is needed and what currently is available in too many instances.  To that end,  Online Achievers stands ready to put our shoulder to the wheel.  We readily acknowledge that  business owners know how to run their businesses.  Similarly, we know how to do Internet Marketing.

Through the medium of our website and our ancillary marketing efforts, we hope to provide our knowledge to enable our future business partners to grow their firms.  We welcome you  to a “virtual coffee”  and chat about Internet Marketing and our mutual goals.  Please bookmark this site :  for future information about Internet Marketing.

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In Internet Marketing The Rule is Either Dominate or Default

Internet Marketing and surfing both take place on the Internet.  Surfing the internet is usually fun.  Doing business or trying to do business is not surfing for pleasure.  It is after all business, Internet Marketing business.  In certain markets the competition is very fierce.  Competitors can be very knowledgable and alert.  Gaining on them, let alone bettering them, takes skill, ability, sometimes patience and a knowledge of the market place.

We, at Online Achievers, do not fix teeth, do engine overhauls or deliver babies.  We can, however, find our way around the Internet without a map or GPS.  We do analyze and advise the competitive position of your company’s website, your Internet Marketing efforts and can implement positive changes as required.

We can also do Search Engine Optimization.  This is preparing your website for visits by crawlers from search engines.  Depending on what these crawler find, your website is given a ranking number.  The better prepared your website is, the higher your ranking number.  The major search engines are owned by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Where does your company rank?

Ranking numbers in Internet Marketing depend on many other rating factors.  All are very important in determining the success of your Internet Marketing efforts.  When a potential customer enters a search word or phrase, the search engines do their best to supply the searcher with a series of fast, accurate solutions.  If your company does not rate in the heirarchy of possible solutions considered by the search engines, you have missed out again. Both you and I want your company to be one of the solutions offered.  How can we achieve this?

By working together, we can raise your ranking number high enough to make this happen.  Let’s discuss possible results of our joint efforts in  increasing the number of leads to your sales desk in a cost effective manner.  Increased leads can mean new customers.  You know your business, Online Achievers knows how to apply the nuances of Internet Marketing effectively.  To get future information on Internet Marketing, please bookmark this site: .