Interesting Effects of the .co Introduction

With .com domains becoming more difficult to acquire, the .co extension has been introduced to alleviate this problem . Its reception has been a resounding success with .co registrations reaching 500,000 in just two months since the .co extension was launched to the public.
 The top ten countries in terms of their percentage of .co registrations are as follows:
 United States: 37 percent
United Kingdom: 17 percent
Colombia: 12 percent
Australia: 4 percent
Canada: 4 percent
Germany: 3 percent
India: 2 percent
China: 2 percent
France: 2 percent
Poland: 2 percent
The .co domain extension is also proving valuable in the domain name aftermarket. Some recent auction sales include: sold for $76,000; for $60,000; for $44,500; for $41,000; for $22,500; for $18,500; for $15,500; and for $14,000.
More stats to come later. Please keep visiting to keep posted. Thanks to A. Johnson for her assistance with this .co blog.

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Interesting Effects of the .co Introduction

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